Standard wraps and papers can’t protect from the harsh conditions, long shelf times, and environmental damage that industry products face, so having the right protection for your products is essential to maintaining quality and consistency.

The leading paper-based honeycomb packaging solution serves as a fully customizable structural complement

Unique engineering makes it especially strong and durable, with cushioning and rigidity to provide superior protection. Our engineers collaborate directly with you to solve any industrial packaging or transport damage problems using this environmentally responsible alternative.

  • Honeycomb is an ideal solution for lightweight, high-performance, environmentally responsible protective packaging across a wide range of markets.
  • Honeycomb is approved for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®(SFI®) certified sourcing label indicating renewable virgin and post-consumer fibres.

Dunnage bags can protect your valuable cargo and help ensure its safe arrival at its destination.

Dunnage bags are constructed of woven polypropylene

EPS (Thermocol)


Cushioning support
Probability of damage
More (~ 5%)


Less (~0.1%)


EPS (Thermocol)

Cushioning support : Less
Probability of damage : More (~ 5%)
Eco-friendly : No


Cushioning support : High

Probability of damage : Less (~0.1%)

Eco-friendly : Yes

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